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Young women’s and girls worker job description


Job Title:                             Girls and Young Women’s Youth Worker

Grade:                                 £23,485 (Pro rata) Minimum JNC Level 3 in Youth

and Community Work (or equivalent)

Main Location of Work:     Hideaway Youth Project (Amani Centre, Moss Side) and other

locations as required

Directly Responsible to     Director of Hideaway

Leader for                           Girls and Young Women’s Project

Hours of Duty                     16 hours per week. Please note this role requires two evening sessions

per week


Job Purpose

  • To manage and co-ordinate the development and delivery of our Girls and Young Women’s work programme,
  • To deliver, and have direct face-to-face involvement in, all responsive youth provision to meet needs identified by Girls and Young Women’s Work.
  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of the development and delivery of the Girls and Young Women’s Work
  • To report at regular intervals to the Project Director and to the Board of Trustees
  • It is essential that you have experience and knowledge of issue-based work with young women from diverse, disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds within a group work




Director, Board of Trustees, Hideaway staff team, Community representatives including

local councilors, other voluntary and statutory youth work providers, local/national partnership organisations





  1. To ensure the development and delivery of Girls and Young Women’s Work,

offering one-to-one support and group work projects as appropriate and ensuring that the

programme is responsive to young women’s needs, is beneficial and will support them in the identification and development of aspirations and goals


  1. To ensure the development of youth voice, social action and decision making processes across the organisation, through the Girls and Young Women’s Work
  2. To champion the voice of young women to ensure it is heard and that they have equal voice in decision making
  3. To ensure the development of decision making frameworks that enable the voice of young people to inform the design, delivery and evaluation of the Girls and Young Women’s Work
  4. To develop positive, professional relationships with young people
  5. To foster good relationships between young people of different ethnic groups by encouraging joint participation in activities, challenging inappropriate behaviour and providing positive experiences for young people to share, devise and implement annual work plans, involving staff and volunteers in planning


  1. To attend internal and other meetings as appropriate and as reasonably requested by the Project Director


  1. To represent Hideaway and young people appropriately and professionally at a range of local/national meetings in line with the Girls and Young Women’s Work and as reasonably requested by the Project Director


  1. To guide, lead and support the Girls and Young Women’s Work and youth workers as appropriate


  1. To ensure the use of Hideaway’s Management Information System for planning, monitoring and evaluating the Girls and Young Women’s


  1. To maintain good financial governance by meeting all requirements in relation to budgeting and the handling of money.


  1. To adhere to all Hideaway policies, procedures and practice guidance



Skills / Abilities

  1. JNC level 3 qualification in youth and community work or similar
  2. Competence in the use of IT tools including Management Information Systems and Microsoft Word.
  3. Ability to plan, monitor and evaluate long-term programmes and shorter projects
  4. Ability to deliver youth work within a targeted programme
  5. Ability to recruit and train young people to and within youth work programmes
  6. Ability to work in a team ensuring high standards of work
  7. Excellent communication skills
  8. Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships in a range of contexts
  9. Ability to work evenings and weekends as appropriate to programme planning and work schedule


  1. Specific knowledge of developments and good practice in youth work
  2. Understanding of the current issues facing young people in an inner city environment
  3. Understanding of the potential of Management Information Systems for planning and evaluation
  4. Knowledge and understanding of the importance of equal opportunities
  5. Understanding of young people living in a diverse community


  1. Experience of using Management Information Systems
  2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  3. Experience of issue-based work with young women from diverse, disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds within a group work setting
  4. Experience of monitoring and evaluating long-term and shorter projects
  5. Experience of working in partnership with different organisations and agencies