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Who’s Hiring? Hot Job Opportunities of the Week

This article is part of Hideaway’s "Who’s Hiring?" series; a bunch of blogs that are going to get you some sick jobs.

Anyone who says that getting a job is easy is probs one of those people who works day and night to achieve something but (for some unknown reason) pretends that it was all effortless. You know the type, they’ve been studying for three hours a night for that mock G.C.S.E. but, when they inevitably get an ‘A’, they claim that they didn’t do any revision.

The truth is, getting a job (like pretty much anything worthwhile in life) takes some work. We all know that getting a job isn’t always easy, but some surveys have found that Manchester is one of the easiest places to find a job.

So don’t worry, because we’re starting this series – called Who’s Hiring? – which aims to make getting a job as easy as possible for you lot. So, let’s kick off with some paid job opportunities in and around Manc right now.

Let’s go:

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